Pranay Kumar

Computer Scientist @ Adobe Systems

About Me

I am a Developer/Computer Scientist working in Adobe India with a passion for C++ development. I have been currently working towards utilizing the capabilities of emerging Adobe Fonts experience within the Adobe products.

In the past several years with Adobe, I have contributed to the new licensing hybrid stack which is currently being used across the new version of Adobe Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, etc.

My major interests lie in enabling the full potential of Adobe Fonts for consumers with the modern C++ usage to ensure more secure, reliable & performant applications. Proud participant and winner of CppCon'19 Poster program

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My Skills

Software Development

C++/ C / ObjC++ / Java / JS

I am a professional software developer and preferably in C++ / C and ObjC++, but I have worked with Java / Spring, JavaScript, too.

When designing and developing software architectures, I have a strong focus on modularity, performance and utilizing patterns and guidelines.

Project Management

Scrum / Agile / DevOps

As software development methodology, I like agile development like Scrum or Kanban for building and delivering an awesome library / component.

I love Git and have worked with other VCS like Perforce. For open projects, I like codacy and codefactor integrated to do static code analysis and good linter tools such as clang-tidy .


HTML5 / jQuery

I prefer having a smarter user interfaces for front end development. I like minimalistic UI with a clear workflow and omitting distracting and redundancy.

For building UI, I usually like building sectioned webpages using jQuery, Bootstrap. I have also used JSP for application servers.

Professional Experience

A compilation of companies I have worked for over the years and the projects I did there.

Adobe Systems

Work Experience

Adobe Systems Inc.

Samsung R&D

Work Experience

Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore

Wooqer Advertising

Work Experience

Wooqer Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore


Online Available Talks from CppCon, 2019.


If you are interested in my work or software talks, please feel free to drop me a message.